Just got the first proof in of the physical book, and it looks great!

The interior pages are bright and vivid with excellent print quality to them, I’m really happy with how this turned out. 😀

I am now just waiting on the full order of the first batch to be made, which should be delivered by the 21 of October.

That first batch will be sold in a small select sale for Patreon, and after that, the second larger batch order will be made freely available here on my main site.
The reason for that is just to make it easier to manage who I have to ship out to at the start of this whole process.

I will also be ordering prints of my other comics as well, thanks to the publisher being alright with my content.
Those will come in a select wave, like Perverted and Yokai School to start, and subsequent orders being other books.

I should have an entire stock of comics ready to buy, by December if all goes well!