Commissions For October are Open

I will be taking on 20-24 Commissions for the month of October.

These are for my stream quality commissions and will be done on my livestreams at

Commissions are first come-first serve and some commissions may be declined if I fill up quickly.

I will schedule a day for each commission to be done. You do not have to be present at the stream to get your commission.

I will send you an invoice that must be paid in full before any work begins.

Send in your requests following the rules below.

Send all requests to



Here is an example of how to ask for a commission!

In the subject line include “Commission for (Month)”

Your Name and/or Alias: Dio Brando aka Dio
*Your Email:
Your PayPal Name: Dio Brando
*Your PayPal Email:

Hi Dsan!

I would like a sketch of Dio Brando having sex with Jojo’s girlfriend while punching Jojo in the face. The pose I want is similar to the reference I am including. I would also like this to be Cel-shaded as well.

Thank you!

Please make sure to provide references!

I may be a savvy internet porn artist, but I don’t know everything. So if your request has a Warcraft Orc Berserker riding a Flying Tiger Mount, assume I have no idea what that is.

Even simple stick figure poses can be helpful!

If you don’t know what you want, just make a suggestion and leave it to me!

I will do some post-completion modifications if they are minor enough, like change an eye color.

If there is something more complicated, like change and arm, hair or even a whole pose, that would cost anywhere from $5-20, depending on what needs to be done.

If you’re unsure if I’ll work on what you have in mind, check any my galleries. If the kind of thing you’re looking for isn’t there, feel free to ask!

Cum alternates are included.

Complicated alternates are an additional $5-20 charge depending on complexity.

For “Double” or “Triple” figure pieces, figures must be interacting in some way.
Doing two or more posed pinups of the same character would count as two or more seperate $70 pieces.
Example: A character front, back and side facing, would not be a “Triple” $140 commission, but three seperate $70 commissions.




I will NOT draw the following:

  • Underage characters or figures engaging in adult activities
  • Extreme violence such as gore, hateful imagery or death.
  • Realistic animals
  • Racist or derogatory imagery

Current List of Commissions

  1. Devilsdollhouse / October 10
  2. Fedefyr / October 10
  3. Liqui Turtle / October 10
  4. Potato King / October 10
  5. Richard / October 13
  6. Emmit / October 13
  7. Jackson / October 13
  8. Digi / October 13
  9. Andrew / October 17
  10. BKB / October 17
  11. Furel / October 17
  12. MusicMonday / October 17
  13. OprimalPrime / October 20
  14. Sodapop / October 20
  15. Alkahest / October 20
  16. Sludgeface / October 20
  17. Purgy / October 23
  18. LunarraB / October 23
  19. InSmMa / October 23
  20. Harp / October 23
  21. Lolbamf / October 28
  22. ProfessorF / October 28