Hey everyone!

First of all I just wanna say thank you for everyone who has been waiting for updates, I truly appreciate your patience during this time.

My moving is pretty much all complete, aside from some loose ends to tie up. I am now in a new home (new to me anyways lol) and have everything setup to get back to work!

Now for the monthly update!!!


– Moving hiatus complete!

– January Patron Rewards next week

– February Rewards on the 26-27

– Comics updating later today

– Focusing on Game design work

– Print Comics still available

January Patron Rewards

Due to the move, I wasn’t able to get last months rewards done like I intended. So, I will be accomplishing that next week, possibly not in one big stream but perhaps in multiple days spaced out. I’ll have to make my proper schedule and go from there.

February Patron Rewards 

I will definitely not be a month behind like I was before, and will try to get the February Reward Stream done at the end of the month like I did before. Most likely the Feb. 26-28

Comics: Substantial

I will be updating the comic later today with 2 new pages. and maybe more pages if I can manage things properly. I will probably be streaming it today at picarto.tv/dsan

Comics: Cup O’ Love

A bit slow on the updates with everything going on, I’ll most likely be able to get a page out next week and try for more as I can.

Game Design Crunch

One of the big challenges for me right now is moving forward can completing my current game project ‘Sequoia Sate. The collab game I am working with Hizzacked and Kupaa Studios on currently. It’s been in production for some time now, and we need to get it finished ASAP.
This is where a big chunk of my time is going to be spent when I can afford it. Once I get this game done and published to Steam, I can really start focusing on things a lot more, like Cup O’ Love and Variety comics, as well as my next game ‘My Office is Full of Yokai!’

The recent success of Futa Fix, which I had a part in working on, is giving me an opportunity to achieve similar goals and will help me breathe a little easier in life once they are complete.

There won’t be any changes as I work on these games, but I will be putting a lot more focus on them as time moves on.

Print Comics

There are still plenty of Print Comics available on my Gumroad store! Currently, in stock, we have Tower of the Masochistic Mage, Hardwired, My Neighbor Satchiko, and of course Cup O’ Love: Volume 1.
Also, Perverted and My School is Full of Yokai! are about to be restocked this week as well.

Every sale helps support me and gets you a high quality printed copy of my comics! 😀



Thats pretty much all I have for now, and I’ll be updating things more often to keep everyone in the loop. Streaming will be occurring a lot more as well, now that I have a private office to work in at the new place. Hopefully, I won’t have to move again anytime soon, haha!

Thank you all again for your support and stay safe out there!