Finally! FINALLY!!!

My long, grand and ridiculous move is finally complete.

All matters have been attended to, all things packed, shipped and arrived. New office setup complete.

Now I can start getting back to business and completing commissions and making more comics!

I’m so excited to get things going again and thank you all so much for hanging in there with me through the train wreck that was 2017.


Thursday-Friday: catch up on emergency sketch commissions from December.

Sunday: normal sketch stream

Monday-Friday: commissions and comics all week long, streaming!


From now on I’ll be working Monday-Friday, 8-4pm EST.
I’ll also be streaming four of those days with one flex day of no streaming.
(The day will depend on my mood or projects, but will rarely be caused by random errands.)

So expect more Dsan starting this week! 😀

Love you all,