• LATTE – Custom Single Character B/W Sketch
  • MACCHIATO – Single Character Sketch w/ Tone Shading
  • BARISTA – Single Character Sketch Flat Color
  • MANAGER – 1 Character Sketch Color & Shade




  1. Send me an email either before or during the Patron Reward stream
  2. I will confirm your pledge
  3. Watch the stream at On a pre-announced weekend
  4. Enjoy the stream!
  5. I send each person their respective image through email after completion

If you have been in the stream but have to leave, I will still continue to work on your image, or I can wait until you return, let me know in the chat.


Here is an example of how to ask for a reward for the stream.

Send all emails to

In the subject line include Month & Tier ->  “June Latte Reward”

Your Name and/or Alias: Dio Brando aka Dio
*Your Email:
*Your Name: Dio420BlazeKing
Your Patreon Name: Dio Brando

Hi Dsan!

I would like a sketch of Dio Brando having sex with Jojo’s girlfriend while punching Jojo in the face. The pose I want is similar to the reference I am including.

Thank you!

Please make a new email for each Reward month!
It is fine to reply to a single email with me for a single reward, but do not continue to reply to that email for the next month and beyond.
Making a new email for each request helps me manage things a lot easier.


Please make sure to provide references!

I may be a savvy internet porn artist, but I don’t know everything. So if your sketch has a Warcraft Orc Berserker riding a Flying Tiger Mount, assume I have no idea what that is.

If you don’t know what you want, just make a suggestion and leave it to me!

I will do some post-stream modifications if they are minor enough, like change an eye color.

If you’re unsure if I’ll work on what you have in mind, check any my galleries. If the kind of thing you’re looking for isn’t there, feel free to ask in-chat.

Will NOT draw underage, gore, extreme violence, hateful content or scat.